VisInPractice streaming co-organized with DataViz CPH

The vis21cph and DataViz CPH organizers are teaming up to create an opportunity for conference attendees and members of the meetup group to meet and join a part of the conference together.

Panel 2: Tools of the Trade

How to attend?

If you would like to attend the event, please either register for the satellite conference (link to Eventbrite from the main page) or signup for the meetup group and register for the event there.

16.30-17.00: Welcome and coffee

You are welcome to join from 16.30 to have a cup of coffee, say hi to fellow DataViz CPH members, and find a spot in the auditorium for the panel.

This time is also a break for the rest of the virtual conference. Thus, other attendees at the satellite event might also join for coffee here.

Location: Atrium, ITU

17.00-18.30: IEEE VIS 2021 VisInPractice — Panel 2: Tools of the Trade (moderated by Sean McKenna)

From Today, data visualization practitioners are flooded with a barrage of different tools at their disposal, from libraries (D3) to applications (Tableau, Power BI) to entire platforms (Observable, Jupyter). How do we manage it all? Come explore and discuss this space with industry practitioners and experts that consume with these tools and build new tools on a daily basis. What limitations and trade-offs are there when selecting between different tools for different audiences? How can we promote stronger engagement between researchers and practitioners as we build these tools? What upcoming challenges will we face with the next generation of data vis tools?

The panelists include: Zan Armstrong (Observable), Stephanie Kirmer (Saturn Cloud), Nicolas Kruchten (Plotly), and Krist Wongsuphasawat (Airbnb).

Location: Auditorium 1, ITU

18.30-20.30: Food and drinks, networking, and casual panel attendance

After the panel, we will join for food and drinks, networking, and perhaps stream the third panel more casually from the ScrollBar at ITU.

Location: ScrollBar, ITU